Thorsten Wißmann

I am a phd student in computer science at the FAU (University of Erlangen) and hobby programmer, see also:


You can get my e-mail address by reading the following characters strictly from the left to the right (regardless of the line they are in):

    e   u   t   o   s   e   -   i   s   a   n   d
      d   @   h   r   t   n   w   s   m   n   .   e

    (GPG-Key-ID: 0x1CAFF810)



a manual tiling window manager for X (you can browse the source in the gitweb). If you have any questions or comments on it, then feel free to join #herbstluftwm on (more information on


the coalgebraic partition refiner. A generic minimization algorithm for coalgebras, in particular for deterministic automata, markov chains, labelled transition systems, Segala systems, and weighted tree automata. It implements the algorithm from this paper. The implementation and weighted tree automata are presented in this paper.


A python wrapper around lemonbar.


a terminal-ui calendar application, currently supporting only remind calendars.